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Bogart Man

Bogart Italia Collection Two-Piece Set

Bogart Italia Collection Two-Piece Set

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The Bogart Italia Collection Two-Piece Set arrives in commanding navy and elegant cream, capturing the essence of Italian sophistication. Inspired by the rich nautical heritage and the relaxed elegance of the Mediterranean, this set is a sartorial masterpiece.

Navy and Cream Variants: Choose the navy for a deep, maritime elegance, or opt for the cream for a softer, sophisticated touch. Both shades are versatile, offering a multitude of styling options to suit any occasion.

Dynamic Stripe Detailing: The polo shirt is adorned with a bold, diagonal stripe featuring the Bogart name, adding a dynamic and sporty element to the classic design, while the shorts mirror this detail for a cohesive look.

Emblem of Elegance: The polo is crowned with an intricately embroidered crest, a nod to the luxuriousness of Italian fashion, and an emblem that speaks of a lifestyle of refined leisure.

Premium Fabrication: Crafted from premium fabrics that provide comfort and breathability, this two-piece set promises to keep you cool and stylish in the summer heat.

Versatile Ensemble: While designed as a set, the individual pieces can be seamlessly integrated with other wardrobe favorites, offering flexibility for both casual and smart-casual settings.

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