It’s said that a man is judged by his shoes before he is judged by his skills

So a well-rounded shoe collection is crucial to ensure that you make a great first impression.

At Bogart Man, we strive to create men’s footwear that is not only functional but stylish and fashion-forward too. Dress shoes are traditionally worn as semi-formal or formal footwear because they add an element of style and class to any outfit. Our selection is classically stylish, radiating a distinct sense of cool confidence and sophistication that’ll give Bond a run for his money.

Our extensive range of dress shoes suits every occasion and style inclination. Each pair is designed to enhance the overall appeal of your ensemble, and highlight your refined sense of individuality. They are created from the finest quality materials and with the utmost care. From premium leather and suede to luxurious velvet, we have a huge selection, in several colors, to enhance your footwear collection.

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