Boots have been a solid staple in men’s wardrobes for centuries

They are sturdy, rugged and exude strength and stability. As such, a quality pair of boots is essential to your footwear collection.

However, boots have evolved over the decades to align with fashion trends - evolving from plain and practical to include elements of design that are uber-stylish and trendy. Gone are the days of brawny lumberjacks and truck drivers having exclusive rights to this corner of the shoe market. Our boots collection is made up of a wide range of boots that compliment any outfit, adding a Bogart Man sense of style and finesse.

From luxurious suede and genuine leather to elegant Brogue detail, our boots are sure to enhance your ensemble tremendously. Each pair is created from the finest quality materials to provide the exquisite standard expected by every fashion-focused Bogart man. What’s more, their sturdy construction ensures a remarkable level of comfort and long-lasting durability as well. 

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