Belts are functional, but also an essential element to complete your look

Whether you’re dressing up or casual, a belt can effortlessly enhance your appeal.

Belts have become more than just accessories to hold up your trousers - they can be a bold expression of your individuality and personal sense of style. That is why our men’s belt collection is vast, providing a belt for every occasion and taste. 

All our belts are uniquely styled in a variety of colours and patterns from a huge range of premium quality materials. From men’s formal belts for weddings and corporate affairs, to hip and trendy belts for casual outfits, our collection is sure to have a belt that suits your needs and also your wardrobe. 

The most discerning feature of our belts is the wide array of buckles available. Most notable in this are our signature Bogart buckles that range from subtle - for classy, elegant events - to the iconic “B” emblem that exudes bold confidence in style the way only a true Bogart man can.

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