Bogart Tape Measure Collection Matching Hoody & Shorts Combo

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The just-launched "Bogart Tape Measure Collection Matching Hoody & Shorts Combo" is an elegant and functional item.

This unique design features a matching hooded sweatshirt and shorts, both adorned with the signature Bogart crest. The hoody and shorts are crafted from a high-quality, water-resistant material, making it perfect for the active, stylish individual. The hoody features a soft and comfortable lining, while the shorts have a durable, sweat-wicking fabric. Both pieces feature pockets for storing small items like keys or a phone.

Whether you're on a job site or out in the city, this combo is perfect for keeping you looking and feeling great while keeping you protected from the elements.

Don't miss out on this must-have for any fashion-conscious, active individual, just launched and available now!