We're looking for up and coming men’s fashion influencers who have got a passion for the Bogart Man brand.

In order for you to become the best ambassador for us we will be requiring the following:


  1. Instagram followers of 5K +, Twitter followers of 5K + and Facebook 5K +
  2. Your social media followers should align with our target market which is based in South Africa
  3. Post Bogart Man Instagram/facebook stories when wearing Bogart clothing
  4. Be involved in photo/video shoots for upcoming Bogart Campaigns
  5. Speak about the Bogart products/ collections to followers whenever the ambassador wears it in a video/post on any social media platform
  6. Share a link to the products when wearing our products
  7. Tag #BogartMan and #EnoughSaid in any posts/stories that feature a Bogart Product


Do you think you have what it takes?