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February 04, 2021 6 min read

So we have just about made it into 2021. This year at Bogart man, we are making it our mission to get you looking fresher than ever and ready for every occasion that lies ahead. If there’s one new year’s resolution you can stick to, it’s dressing better this year. It’s no secret that dressing to the nines leaves a long-lasting impression on others. What you wear is so much more than just a well-crafted ensemble.

For men, fashion remains an authentic way of expressing themselves, so take it from us when we say there’s a lot of meaning to the saying “dressing for success”. Below we will be giving you the keys to the kingdom so that you can revive your style and stay on trend in 2021. In this month’s men’s style guide, we will be looking at a few outfit selections and options which will have you looking fly, every day of the week. Looking your best has never been this easy, especially when you shop online with the most elite brand in men’s clothing.

Self-confidence is like a mental muscle. Everyone has it, but not everyone uses it. This year you could be turning the tables by flexing your unique and individual style with all the confidence in the world. To do so, we’ve compiled a list of essentials for you to invest in. Keep on reading to explore what 2021 has in store for men’s fashion in South Africa.  

Back to Business with a Bang

By now, most of us are back at the office busy grinding away with endless meetings, signing new deals and spearheading projects. This year presents the perfect opportunity to reinvent your wardrobe for the office. Dressing for the part will give you the self-confidence to take on the world by storm. The truth is nothing makes a bigger statement than a man who dresses with confidence. This year you can be the Don by rocking one of our high-end three-piece suits, accompanied by a fancy pair of dress shoes and a couple of formal shirts for variety.

When you pitch up to the office wearing a three-piece suit, you earn your seat at the table. The confidence you’ll gain when wearing a tailored Bogart Man suit is unmeasurable. And when you pair it with the right essentials, your style game shoots out of the stratosphere. Elevate your office attire with a Gingham check suit 3pc suit, combined with a Moda rose spring button shirt and a pair of wicker penny loafers. Add a stylish black belt to complete the look.


Business casual

We know that not all deals are negotiated and signed in the office. That’s why we included a business casual ensemble for when you need to wine and dine with a client or for the occasional office party.  When you dress in casual attire, we recommend keeping things simple, yet sophisticated. Opt for premium denim such as our trendy black check denim, combine it with a colour that pops like the yellow Moda crown yacht shirt. Top it all off by putting on a pair of Chelsey brogue boots from Bogart. This is a look that will get you noticed and earn you the respect you deserve.

Summer Casual

Dressing casually is easy, but so is getting it wrong. Yes, even when you dress down during summer, you still have a reputation to uphold. Bogart Men live by the same creed, and that’s looking good – Always! Lucky for you, this next ensemble will have you looking your best, effortlessly. The iconic Bishop golf t-shirt, combined with our premium fine cut jeans and a pair of urban velvet sneakers makes a powerful statement wherever you go.  Grab your complete ensemble for a look that speaks for itself.

Smart casual

Every man needs a smart casual outfit that they can bank on when they’ve got occasions that require a fashionable casual ensemble. You’ll most likely need one for the occasional office party or work-related events. And when you do, we’ve got your back. Our sleek cotton stretch chinos offer the perfect blend of sophistication and style. Pair it with a Moda Houndstooth Yacht Shirt and some dress shoes with a matching belt for a look that’s a cut above the rest.



Dress to impress this Valentine’s

With February around the corner, it’s time to start planning your Valentine’s day. Take your significant other out for a fine-dining experience at one of the several legacy lifestyle hotels across the country. This way, you get to impress her with your fashionable style and charm. We suggest going to any of Legacy lifestyle’s hotels, which are known for their exclusivity and luxury and of course their five-star restaurants. Check out some of their current Legacy lifestyle’s promotions online.

Whether you’re going on a first date or your hundredth one, you’ll undoubtedly want to dress the part—some pointers to consider. Always dress according to the formality of wherever you’re going and opt for an outfit that expresses your personality. We are here to help, and we’ve got some of our favourite date night outfits. Keep scrolling for sizzling date night outfits this Valentine’s.


First impressions

Formally, refined on your First date

Making a great first impression is crucial. Some say, having at least one exciting talking point on an outfit makes you memorable. So basically what you decide to wear on a first date is kind of a big deal. If you want to win her over, you’ll need to dress like a winner. Change the game by wearing a premium jean and a subtle formal shirt such as the Moda rose spring shirt. A black premium jean gives off a bit more of a traditional look and feel, so our premium fine cut jeans are the perfect option. Next, you’ll need a pair of dress shoes and a matching belt. Or opt for a couple of boots instead of dress shoes, either way – you’ll have her attention from the get-go.

Modern sophistication with a touch of Bogart

Taking your Valentine’s on a date at a high-end restaurant? You’ll want to elevate your outfit for this one. You simply can’t go wrong with a pair of semi-formal chino’s, a nice button-down shirt and a couple of dress shoes to match. The chino’s feature a tapered cut which provides a stunning aesthetic to your ensemble. If you want a button-down shirt with a bit of flair, we suggest looking online at our Moda collection formal shirts. You look sophisticated, and she won’t be able to keep her eyes off you.

Drinks date

If you are only meeting for drinks, we suggest opting for casual attire but not too casual. You still need to make a good impression, so avoid dressing to casual. Tailored trousers such as our slim-fit chinos say you’ve made an effort when all you needed to do is put them on, and they give you the basis of a non-boring outfit. You can never go wrong with one of our statement denim jackets and a matching premium jean such as these premium Fine trimmed jeans. Layer the denim jacket over your favourite t-shirt and throw on a pair of your favourite sneakers.


When function follows form

Another valentine’s day outfit that always impresses is a sophisticated three-piece suit. So if your date-night destination requires formal attire, we suggest opting for the Graph Check Suit three-piece suit. The peaked lapels and textured fabric create a form-fitting look that will highlight your most successful qualities. Pair it with black dress shoes and a black belt to match. Just keep in mind, the graph check suit is subject to availability. However, we have loads of other options in-store or online. Get yours in burgundy, beige, khaki or olive. We’ve got something for everyone’s individual preferences. Visit us online for an experience like no other. 

Whether you are dressing up or going casual this Valentine’s, we’ve got you covered. Our extensive collections online feature something for everyone. Our goal is to have you looking your best with the confidence to match. If you are planning on a weekend getaway with your partner, look at our accessories online. The vintage duffel barrel bag is the perfect travel companion and is more than spacious enough for a couple of days’ outfits when you are on the road. For those looking to “Pop the question” on Valentine’s, we suggest dressing to the nines which means booking a door to door fitment service. One of our tailors visits you in the comfort of your home to take your measurements so that they can create the perfect suite for your special day. This year holds many opportunities, and one of them is rebuilding your wardrobe. Why not reinvent yourself it with the best in men’s fashion? Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Bogart.

Nkgudisheng Makgopa
Nkgudisheng Makgopa

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