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With the growth of the menswear market comes a newfound focus on men’s accessories this autumn season.

In a previous blog post, we put together a complete autumn selection for you to choose from, so we took it a step further and compiled a selection of various autumn accessories that every Bogart Man should have in his closet this year.

With Autumn present and retail clothing stores being closed due to lockdown, Bogart Man takes care of you by still giving you a chance to shop online in order for you not to miss out on our remarkably stylish autumn accessories that can be combined with any items from the previous autumn clothing post.

We will be giving you plenty to choose from so you can up your style game with Bogart Man this autumn season. Read on further to see what we have in store for you.  


Our Belt’s will never let you down. 


Not only are belts helpful, but they also tend to complete any outfit, they give you that saucy exclusive feel. Whether you are rocking a casual or formal outfit, Bogart’s got a belt for every occasion.

We pride ourselves in the wide array of buckles available, and our famous “B” emblem belt buckle exudes bold confidence and style the way only a true Bogart man can. Our famous “B” is represents boldness, braveness and exclusivity.

The golden rule of buying a good belt is knowing that you can match it with a similar colour pair of shoes. If you can’t, relax, Bogart has got you covered. Our striking belt collection ensures that you always look your very best.


Automatic Plaque Buckle Belt




Perfect for those black-tie events you’ve got coming up. The stylish plaque buckles sport our classic Bogart insignia, enhancing the appeal of any formal outfit. This belt is sleek and minimalistic, created from only the finest leather to ensure it is sturdy and durable.


Logo Buckle Belt



You won’t find a customized Bogart logo buckle anywhere else. It is super exclusive and truly unique to Bogart. These belts were created for the confident man who enjoys making a bold statement about his individuality and personal sense of style.


Bogart Croc Belt



Our Croc Belt radiates class, elegance and sophistication. It was designed for the modern Bogart Man. The crocodile skin pattern extends all the way to the buckle, giving it a contemporary and sleek uniform appearance. It would make an awesome accessory due to its usefulness and classy design. 


Retro Chrome Buckle Belt



We have designed a formal belt that’s modern and classy yet still has a vintage and retro feel to it. This is definitely one of those belts you keep for formal events only. If you’ve got any formal events coming up in autumn this year, we suggest adding this chrome buckle belt to your collection. 




Our clip-lock range is not only trendy, it’s innovative too. The clip-lock buckle design is modern and improves wearability. The classic Bogart Insignia and fine-textured leather make it interestingly unique. You can wear it with your casual outfits as it has a more relaxed and funky design which makes it perfect for those casual lunches with friends or family.

Check out our wide range of stylish belts here




Bogart Small Striped Tie Set



Why present yourself with less detail? Bring a dashing polish to any formal event or business meeting with this candy red tie and handkerchief set. The wavy striped tie set gives you that finer detail to your overall look. The unique pattern is sure to make you look on top of your game. This set would also make a great gift for someone who appreciates elegant and modern ties. Finish off your formal look with this tie set.


Woollen Check Tie



These ties should be in the formal assortment of any distinguished gentleman. They are trendy, timeless and cultured. The finely textured woollen weave is immaculate and the detailed check design adds a touch of vintage charm to it. They are available in a wide selection of colours and check patterns to suit all sorts of occasions, such as those business meetings, weddings or formal events. 


Plain Slim Tie

slim ties


Boost your tie collection this year with a stunning Bogart Man slim fit tie. It’s simple, smart, modern, and effortlessly stylish. Any distinguished gentleman should have a selection of various ties to his disposal and this slim tie is contemporary class, designed with a tonal sheen. Availability presents in eight colour variants and perfect for your collection.




Bogart Duffel Army Badge Bag



This bag is a remarkable work of craftsmanship and it holds a sophisticated and masculine appeal that radiates strength and quality, displaying true inherent qualities of a Bogart Man. Any jetsetter needs a travel duffel bag that makes a statement such as ours. The modern design and Bogart embellishments definitely enhance the bags’ appeal. This Duffel Army bag is constructed with only the finest material, ensuring it is durable, well-constructed and boasts loads of flair.


Medium sling bag

sling bag


If you’re looking for a smaller day bag with a simple, but modish design then this medium sling bag is it. Bogart Man designed it to be trendy and stylish. Our bags are masterfully crafted to ensure that our elite clientele receives only the best Bogart Man has to offer. This bag is lightweight and comfortable and its compact size makes it easy to wear. Check out our Bogart Bags here.




Premium cuff link



Our Premium Cufflinks are a great accessory to enhance ultra-refined style and sophistication. Get yourself a pair for those very formal events or get them as a gift for someone else. The polished steel finish and diamante inserts give it a suave and refined appearance.


Bowtie/Pin and Hankie Set 



This set features a classic bowtie, a lapel pin and a pocket-handkerchief. The fabric we use is delicately embossed with a fine pattern that creates the impression of refined class and style. The orange trim along the edge adds a touch of bold contrast to the handkerchief. These sets are perfect for formal events or as a gift to someone you know. Click here to see our extensive range now.




The perfect hat or cap can transform your look from mundane to something extraordinary and interesting. A stylish hat will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit, while a sporty peak cap will create a casually cool vibe.


Bogart Designer Cap



These exclusive Bogart Designer caps are one of our most sought after items in our accessories range. It’s extremely comfortable and versatile. Any of our designer caps would make a great addition to your casual wear accessories. 


Bogart Signature Golf Cap


Our signature golf caps are distinctly unique to Bogart. Our golf caps are designed to transform your conventional outfit to cool casual. We have them available in a wide variety of colours too. Our Signature Golf cap was created from the premium material to ensure that they are comfortable, durable and most importantly stylish. Add this to your golfing accessories to keep your boldness and style on point.


Mid-Crown Baseball Cap


Our mid-crown caps are exclusively Bogart Man, and these caps are fit for the Kings and Queens out there. They were created from premium quality material to ensure that they are not only durable but trendy and stylish too. No doubt these caps will be a great addition to any king’s or queen’s casual wardrobe collection.  

Our mission at Bogart Man is to bring sophisticated style to the men of South Africa, highlighting the style game changers that we think you’ll love as much as we do. That’s why we eliminated the guesswork by selecting the trendiest autumn accessories, ensuring you slay the rest of 2020.


The stylish autumn accessories we selected for you would look super stylish with items we chose from our Autumn collection post. No matter the occasion or event, with Bogart Man you can be confident that we’ll always have you looking your best. Our style and trend experts go the extra mile to ensure that Bogart apparel and clothing reflects the values you live for; in every scene you’re seen at. From black tie to casual, Bogart creates a stage for you to express yourself timelessly and allows you to add your individuality.


With 35 Bogart Man stores nationwide, you'll find everything you need to upgrade your menswear accessories collection this year. Our men’s online store brings a whole new definition to simple, making it incredibly safe and seamless to buy what you want, when you want and have it all delivered to your front door. At Bogart Man, we make up-to-the-minute accessories for the man that is driven, ambitious and leads the pack. We are represented by men that chase their dreams, radiating success everywhere they go and always look timelessly sophisticated.


A bogart man talks less and acts more.

Shop our wide range of collections here.


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nick Nyirenda
nick Nyirenda

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