His Blazing Presence...

Bogart Man, competition, Style -

His Blazing Presence...

His zipped up red golfer gets him feeling really good.
It’s the soft feel of the pique fabric on his skin and the complements that he gets from his admirers that humble him. And then of course, his stunning blazer. Rich in it’s navy aura and subtle power, he gets the respect too.

He speaks very little and it is understandable why. His soul and the essence of his presence is internally assured by the random red woven flower pattern lining

on his Blazer. With no effort at all, He is charming.

The black and white checked pocket square is a sign of his

dynamic personality that is accompanied by his compassionate
side that well represented by a red rose.

She loves that about him and he knows this.

He is a Bogart Man, just like you.